10 rules4peace: rules of the peacecamp

These are the rules for peacecamp 2015 in Lackenhof and Vienna: July 5th - 15th, 2015.
Please read them carefully and make sure that you understand them.

1. DO always communicate in English, which is the language common to all on peacecamp. It does not matter if you make mistakes, as long as you make yourself understood and say what you want to say.

2. DO always address people directly: talk TO – not ABOUT somebody.

3. DO respect the structure and time-table of the peacecamp: DO arrive on time to meals and workshops, DO participate in all the activities.

4. DO share and express your opinions and feelings openly, frankly. DO stand up for your convictions. DO tell us if something bothers you, but do this respectfully in a way that won’t hurt others.

5. DO respect rest- and sleeping-hours of the people in and around the youth hostel. In Austria resting hour starts at 10 pm – please no loud voices and music in the street after this hour. If you play music after this hour, please close the windows, so that the neighbours can sleep undisturbed.

6. DO treat the space and environment with respect and care. DO observe waste separation. We have separate bins for plastic, metal, organic and “general” waste.

7. DO NOT hurt, offend or attack others – neither verbally nor in action. Fight for your views and convictions, but do this respectfully and try to listen to the other person’s viewpoint.

8. DO NOT damage or waste things: handle equipment with respect and care. DO NOT put more on your plate than you can eat. DO leave rooms and equipment as you would like to find them. Try to keep the in- and outdoor space clean and beautiful.

9. DO keep the peacecamp area free of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs of any kind.

10. DO give your best and DO take home as much as you can. Remember that in order to receive, you must be ready to give.

Have a wonderful time – Your peacecamp 2015-team

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