Thursday, 21. May 2015
Meet Caroline Koczan - Art-Workshops4peace

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Hi everybody! My name is Caroline Koczan, I live in Vienna and I’m going to experience the peace camp for the second time. I’m very curious to meet you and I will be very happy to spend a splendid time with you! I’m an actress and singer but in addition to that I’m an educator for leisure activities. My interests are creativity, arts, music, theatre, dance and all kind of activities! ;-) My special interest in the Middle East is due to many friendships and my involvement with this topic for many years. I have Israeli friends as well as Palestinian friends and both are extremely precious for me. My special interest in this case is how to communicate in a respectful and esteeming way, without blaming and hurting each other, starting to respect the experiences and feelings of each other. At the peace camp I’m part of the art4peace team, together with AnnPhie and Lukas. I would love to invite you working with me on your special things that you ought to bring with you, little memories of your home, your family, photographs etc. We’ll do some kind of theatre improvisations and maybe we’ll find some scenes, based on your objects. And I’ll be here for you to entertain you with all kind of games and doing warm ups in the morning. In between I’m here for you when you need someone to talk to or to listen to you. I’m looking forward getting to know you soon!